Career development and mentoring occurs within the context of all academic departments. The AUDGPI Executive is, however, committed to providing additional and complementary forms of career development and mentoring for AUDGPI academics from all disciplinary backgrounds.

There is interdisciplinary representation on the Executive of medical and primary healthcare scientists (i.e. non-medical colleagues): Dr. Rose Galvin from UL for clinical therapists ([email protected]), Professor Anne MacFarlane from UL for social scientists ([email protected]) and Dr. Emma Wallace from RCSI for general practitioners ([email protected]).

An inaugural Career Development Workshop was hosted by the Graduate Entry Medical School, University of Limerick, October 2014.

This has now become an annual event the purpose of which is to promote networking and skill development for early and mid-career academics.

2015 NUI G

2016 RCSI

2017 UCD


There is an opportunity for mentoring through the Society of Academic Primary Care Mentorship Programme, established 2012. This is designed to support both medical and primary health care scientists  (ie non-medical colleagues)  working in departments of Primary Care, who, because of their heterogeneous core disciplines have no other single support scheme. Professor Anne MacFarlane UL is the ‘champion’ in Ireland for this Programme.