Public Health & Primary Care
Trinity College Dublin

Public Health & Primary Care delivers courses as part of the 1st and 4th year undergraduate medical curriculum.  We also participate in research modules in the 2nd medical year.  In 1st year we deliver the Human Development & Behavioural Science course, which concentrates on normal physical and psychological development, within a family context, from the neo-natal period through to the teen years.  The People, Practices and Populations course is delivered in the 4th year.  It takes place during each student’s 2-month rotation to the department and includes a seminar series and attachments to general practice clinics.

The department offers a Certificate in Implementation Science, suitable for all health related graduates interested in getting research into action. It is planned to develop this course to Masters level.

The TCD/HSE Training Programme in General Practice is based in Public Health & Primary Care. This training programme is open to medical graduates intending to start a career in general practice and selection is through the ICGP centralised system.

There are opportunities for graduates from the bio and social sciences to pursue Masters and PHDs with us. These posts are linked to funding received and are widely advertised when available